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The Complicated, Beautiful Life of a Foster Mom

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month.

We’re honoring all those who have stepped into the world of adoption and foster care on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “The Complicated, Beautiful Life of a Foster Mom.” Our guest is Jessie Gallaher, who is with us to share her story, a difficult yet rewarding journey of adopting five children from foster care – all at once!

When Jessie and her husband first brought the kids home, a lot of people gave the same advice: “Just love them. Time will heal all of their wounds.” But Jessie and her husband soon discovered – as every adoptive parent does – that love and time aren’t always enough. You can’t anticipate the journey ahead. And things can go sideways quickly.

Jessie and her husband also discovered that when you follow G...

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Guest Post: If This is a Tough Mother’s Day – Remember: It Can Still Be Well with Your Soul

By: Christy Cabe

I remember the somber voices singing at my mother’s funeral.

I sat beside my dad, near the front of the church, as the crowd behind us led and echoed the chorus of the hymn “It Is Well.”

It Is Well

It Is Well

With My Soul

With My Soul

And though I was a child, a fifth-grade girl sitting in shock and grief near her mother’s casket, I understood.

Deep down, I knew it was true. The pain was almost unbearable, the confusion made it difficult to breath, and the sadness felt like it would overtake me, but yet I could not deny those words were truth. It was well with my soul. I knew God, and I trusted Him...

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10 Great Gift Ideas For Women

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Picking the right gift for the women in your life can be a task full of anxiety. Women can be very picky but, you can always pleasantly surprise them with the right gifts. Every woman has a style preference and some common attribute that can help you select the right kind of gift. Whether your mother, wife, sister, friend or daughter all are different therefore their preferences are different too. Depending on the bond you share with the lady, you can choose any of the below great gift ideas for women to pick the right gift for her. Though these are all good year round gift choices, consider the importance of the occasions too. A gift that works on Valentine’s day may not be appropriate for a 30th anniversary...

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Creating Your Dream Home? Check Out This Home TV Show

Are you saving ideas for dream home interiors? I have to admit that I sometimes do that on Pinterest. I mean when inspiration strikes, I save it for later. After all, I bet everyone one of us would love to upgrade at least a few rooms in our home to turn it into a dream home for our family. Kimberly Greenwell, shares my same enthusiasm for dream homes. In fact, I became familiar with her when we both spoke at the Nashville Home Show in the fall. Her passion for homes actually translated into her very own Home TV Show!

A Home TV Show That Is Inspiring And Educational

One of the stunning master bathrooms featured on My Southern Home.

If you love seeing beautiful homes to inspire your dream home designs and learning about different home topics each week, then you will love, “My Southern Hom...

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Redeeming Life, Finding Forgiveness

For over 40 years, our society has promoted the idea that abortion is as simple as a woman’s choice. Abortion affects her. No one else.

Pro-abortion activists never mention the babies, the men, and the families who are impacted forever by an abortion.

They also never talk about situations like Melissa’s. Her 19-year-old mother was in her third trimester when she was given a saline abortion. The procedure injects a toxic salt solution into the amniotic fluid surrounding the womb. The solution poisons and scalds the baby to death. After approximately 72 hours, premature labor is induced. The child is stillborn.

In Melissa’s case, the abortion failed. She was born weighing less than three pounds and barely breathing...

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Guest Post: Teen Raises $10K to Install Safe Haven Baby Box, Newborn Saved Just One Year Later

By: Zachary Mettler

If you pay attention to the daily headlines, you’ll probably agree with me that there’s always plenty of negative, depressing news going around. In fact, I think the constant drumbeat of negative headlines can be quite toxic for us and our faith.

That’s why for this post, I’m turning over the reigns to our team at The Daily Citizen who covered a newly breaking positive story:

After a teenager raised $10,000 to install a Safe Haven Baby Box for the Seymour Fire Department in Indiana, the box has saved the life of a baby just a year later.

According to a report from CNN, “Hunter Wart, 19, spent more than a year mowing lawns and scrapping metal to raise the $10,000 needed to purchase the box.” According to his mom Julia Kwasniewski, “It was a lot of hard work...

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Standing for Life in the Black Community

Christina Bennett begins her testimony like this:

“I could have been a statistic, just a number. I had an appointment to die. My mother went to a clinic to have me aborted, but God stepped in at the eleventh hour and rescued me. And I’m going to tell you what He did.”

What follows is a remarkable story of God’s intervention in Christina’s life that has made her an overcomer. Far from being a victim of abortion, she has championed the pro-life cause, particularly in the African American community, which she believes has been targeted by pro-abortion advocates.

She asks, “Why are 78% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical facilities in lower-income minority neighborhoods? Why are black women three times more likely to abort than any other race? Is it because we have a stronger desire to...

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Fear of spiders, snakes, heights and strangers come from parents, not from evolution

Researchers have been fascinated for years by the question of how the fear of spiders, snakes, heights and strangers emerges. At eight to 10 months, babies already show particular attention towards snakes and spiders, avoid heights, and react to a stranger’s approach It is highly tempting to interpret this as fear and attribute it to evolution. The idea is that these things represent danger and threaten survival, and so we have evolved to avoid them. Psychoanalytic and attachment theories also offer an appealing explanation for the fear of strangers. It may be too much to say that these fears are hard-wired from birth, but, as one theory goes, they are “prepared”, meaning that the fears are especially easy to acquire and difficult to remove.

Researchers have paid particular attentio...

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Remaining Calm in the Chaos of Life

Do you know how to care for your inner world as well as you do your outer world?

That’s hard if you’re a mom. Motherhood can be a crazy time of life. You feel overwhelmed and stressed. Your work isn’t over after you get home from your day job. It’s just beginning. Even you stay-at-home moms have a full plate from the time your feet hit the floor in the morning until you collapse into bed exhausted late at night.

Author and speaker Nicole Johnson says women are like pressure cookers. They can withstand a lot of stress, but they need a release valve.

She also tells women that you have two choices when it comes to dealing with your stress and caring for your inner world: “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Or stay busy and keep wondering.

You think you’re holding you...

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Beginning–Every Day

Today I begin. Again.

To a fault, I live my life all-in. Once an idea, action, or opportunity offers an itch, my version of scratching tends to be immersion. I learn it, I live it, I give it my all. For decades, I thought these were positives. Over time and through mentoring, I’ve recognized that this approach to life is wearing. Trying so hard and dedicating time to doing things enough or right requires mental and physical commitment that can be hard on the body and lifestyle. This approach is also limiting, since it’s been my way to avoid doing things unless I can get to the point of doing them well. Which loops back to the over-commitment end of things.

…and now I know better.

Which is better than not knowing, but doesn’t undo the decades of being a certain kind of person...

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