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Tree Leaf Identification Project For Kids

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If you are looking for a fun educational project that gets kids having active fun outdoors and learning about science and nature at the same time, I have a tree leaf identification project that fits that bill perfectly! Not only will kids have fun hunting for different types of trees, they will also learn tree leaf identification skills that will stick with them for life.

How To Teach Kids Tree Leaf Identification

Through these tree identification activities for kids, they will learn how to identify a type of tree by looking primarily at its leaves. They will also learn to look at the tree bark and tree seeds for further tree identification clues.


You will need to start the tree leaf identification project with a trip to the library to get a tree identification manual or fie...

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Learning through play: more than laughter and smiles

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Play is an emotional toolbox

Think back to some of your favorite childhood memories of play. These reminiscences probably bring a smile to your face. In fact, most people think of play as a joyful state of mind and body that includes being fully in the moment, with a special combination of confidence and excitement. Recent research by the PALS group (Play and Learning Scholars Around the World) asked mothers in five countries (Argentina, Denmark, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States) about the feelings they associate with play. Pleasant emotions dominated their responses...

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The Perfect Book For Older Siblings With New Baby On The Way

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Nothing is more special that welcoming a new baby to the family. It is such a big blessing! As exciting as it is, the addition of a new baby can cause a lot of changes. It is important to prepare your child for a new sibling so they know what to expect and feel reassured. One great tool for helping siblings adjust to a new baby is sibling books because they can help your child imagine the situation changing and work through their feelings and concerns. That is why I am excited to announce that I have a new book coming out called, Welcome to the Family! A Celebratory Journal for a New Big Sister or Brother. This book is designed to help in preparing older siblings for a new baby in the family and it makes a great keepsake after they have personalized the book too!

Welcome to the Family: A...

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A walk in the Park

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As easy as a walk in the park.  That is not so true right now!  A friend and I had to pick a new park to walk because her park is now closed!  Closed parks, beaches, playgrounds, it’s becoming a test of who can keep their wits about them.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist but today is certainly a good plot to a crazy story!  Now it’s all about what’s on TV and social media.  Looking at social media that is specific to my neighborhood is getting ridiculous- stories about calling police to report five or six kids running around the neighborhood with no masks- huh?  How about a string of comments of shoppers upset about others not following the arrows on the floor and going the wrong way!

It’s a l...

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Guest Post: If This is a Tough Mother’s Day – Remember: It Can Still Be Well with Your Soul

By: Christy Cabe

I remember the somber voices singing at my mother’s funeral.

I sat beside my dad, near the front of the church, as the crowd behind us led and echoed the chorus of the hymn “It Is Well.”

It Is Well

It Is Well

With My Soul

With My Soul

And though I was a child, a fifth-grade girl sitting in shock and grief near her mother’s casket, I understood.

Deep down, I knew it was true. The pain was almost unbearable, the confusion made it difficult to breath, and the sadness felt like it would overtake me, but yet I could not deny those words were truth. It was well with my soul. I knew God, and I trusted Him...

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10 Awesome Benefits of Gardening With Kids

Take a step back in time, back to when you were young. Most of us have memories of either our parent’s garden or our grandparents, and tapping into these magical moments can remind you of some of the benefits of gardening for children. There is much to be learned from gardening and many of the benefits are life lessons in addition to gardening skills. Here some lasting benefits of gardening with kids and we as adults can often reap these same benefits!

The Many Benefits of Gardening For Children

Kids gardening activities can do so much more than inspire a green thumb. Gardening and cooking with children are both excellent ways to spend time and emotionally connect with your family...

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Hope for Getting Through the Tough Times

Six months ago, none of us has could have imagined what American families would be going through right now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands continue to get sick and die. Millions are out of work, and our nation is still only in the very beginning stages of re-opening. There’s plenty to fear.

Or is there?

What do passages like Philippians 4:6-7 mean? It says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

It means that anxiety and fear are intended to be a wakeup call, not a way of life...

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Great Parenting Advice from the Bible – Over Breakfast, No Less!

I suspect few parents see the Bible as a parenting manual, but its pages are nevertheless brimming with good and practical counsel – made even more incredible given the book’s age.

From warning fathers to not exasperate their children (Ephesians 6:4) to encouraging discipline in the inevitable event of unruly children (Hebrews 12:11, Proverbs 29:17), the Scriptures have answers to the challenges that moms and dads are facing.

Sometimes, though, the advice shows up in seemingly unlikely places.

Take, for example, what I might qualify as the greatest breakfast the world has ever seen.

Let me set the scene for you.

In John’s Gospel, we read about that remarkable morning, days or a few weeks after the Resurrection of Jesus, when several of the disciples were out fishing on the Sea of Gali...

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How To Start An Organic Edible Garden

Planting an organic edible garden is not only great for growing your own produce, it is also lots of fun.  In fact, gardening is fun for the whole family.  I have many fond memories growing up of working the soil with my mom, pulling weeds with my grandmother, and hiding in the garden for hide and go seek with my siblings.  I highly suggest that every family grow an organic edible garden- complete with veggies, herbs, and fruit. Just a few each will allow you to enrich your meals so much and you’ll be glad you did!

Starting An Organic Edible Garden

start edible garden

Don’t worry if you only have a small space.  A small edible garden and/ or container garden is better than no garden- much better!

Organic Gardening Benefits:

Studies show that organic food may actually have more minerals and vitamin...

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Emotionally supportive parenting can help disadvantaged children stay on the rails

Why do some children who are raised amid poverty, risk and danger emerge as more resilient than others in similar circumstances ? Why do some grow up relatively unscathed compared with their peers, whose later lives may be scarred by criminality, poor mental health, and repeated disadvantage?

Having a calm, supportive parent when something goes wrong may be part of the answer. That’s a mom or dad who responds to early childhood frustration, anger, anxiety or tantrums by neither suppressing those emotions nor ignoring them. Rather, such parents are empathetic and understanding, and they help children to steady themselves. They also model this steadiness in the way they deal with the adversities that they encounter...

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