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The Perfect Book For Older Siblings With New Baby On The Way

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Nothing is more special that welcoming a new baby to the family. It is such a big blessing! As exciting as it is, the addition of a new baby can cause a lot of changes. It is important to prepare your child for a new sibling so they know what to expect and feel reassured. One great tool for helping siblings adjust to a new baby is sibling books because they can help your child imagine the situation changing and work through their feelings and concerns. That is why I am excited to announce that I have a new book coming out called, Welcome to the Family! A Celebratory Journal for a New Big Sister or Brother. This book is designed to help in preparing older siblings for a new baby in the family and it makes a great keepsake after they have personalized the book too!

Welcome to the Family: A...

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How to Explain Why There is No Daddy

“Catherine is only two years old and not out of diapers”

That’s something I can say when you ask about her college or boyfriend choices.  How do I know what to say when dads come pick up their kids at daycare and Catherine gets picked up by me!  I see her little face taking it all in.   What is she thinking?  I’m only good at explaining the simplest things to kids.  Why is the sky blue?  Why do ducks have webbed feet? Why do we have to go to bed?  I can manage questions like that but questions like “why don’t I have a daddy” is a whole other realm I can’t believe I’ll have to tackle someday.

I’ll have to talk about death as an explanation, which in a recent article I posted goes through what children think of death as being at certain ages...

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Fresh Air and Sunshine

That’s the ticket out of this pandemic!

I truly believe that once Spring is really here, we should all get out of the house as much as possible and it will leave COVID19 in the dust!

I don’t know about you, but being a couch potato is getting really old!  I was partly a potato already, but now its reading and watching all I can about the COVID 19 and looking for assurances that we won’t be like this forever.  First of all I don’t think our farmers are going to feed our lazy butts forever! Money will run out, although UNCLE SAM seems to be flush with the green!  Funny how that works, it helps to own a printing press.  It’s all petrifying.. how this pandemic started is whatever you want to believe, BUT the sticking point is WUHAN was the origin...

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Mortality Knocking..

Can’t believe a pandemic is a reality, can you?

We’ve come so far in this world as far as medicine, but human activity cannot be underestimated.  I ‘heard’ it reported that humans eating skunk created this new virus.  What to do, what to do! Stock up! Canned food, frozen favorites, and powdered drinks to keep us alive if ever we find shelves empty or worse, we can’t leave the house!  I’ve started taking baby wipes everywhere and should probably get some purell to leave in my bag, but none to be found! Other than that we’ll just have to wash hands more, which is always the key during flu season and pray to see warmer weather sooner than later!  Anyway it’s FLU season!  We are all supposed to take precautions anyway...

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Why Forgiveness Is Important [For Yourself And For Them]

I think forgiveness is an important topic.

Lack of forgiveness can turn a person cold inside and make them feel numb to the world or hot inside and angry at the world. Being unforgiven can also be a hard cross to bear. Part of why forgiveness is so important is that it is at the heart of resiliency, love, and healing. Forgiveness is not just for others. Forgiveness is for you. Everyone benefits.

As the great Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” And if he can forgive, can we not also do so? If you fail to forgive yourself or others, hate is likely not far from what you are feeling. Anger and hatred are not comfortable or healthy emotions to live with.

why forgiveness is so hard

Why is forgiveness so hard?

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Celebrate the Season with a Trip!

HO HO HO!!! The holiday season kind of makes me crazier than usual.

Buying gifts will be limited to my granddaughter..mostly, but there is my best friend and her family, all my friends who are there for me, my son, my sister and mother, my neighbors.. I feel truly blessed as I write this. I’m going to try my best to show Catherine (my granddaughter) what it is to give. A big bag of candy canes she can pass out to everyone might work but she likes candy canes herself and may give me a tough time giving them away!  I want to go to the Botanical gardens  but I’m not sure about going 50 miles by myself with a toddler...

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