This site is dedicated to my family and friends and all the things life has to offer.  Inspiration for this blog came from the birth of my granddaughter and how drug addiction plays a big role in shaping all our lives.  Some of this blog will reflect on the past and how dealing with an illness like addiction makes for hard but necessary choices and how I’ve coped.  Life isn’t easy as anyone over the age of ten would probably agree.  It becomes quantum physics when drugs come into your home.

We were like any other American family until drugs came in like an uninvited guest that never leaves.

I called a war on drugs in my own home, but like the world- not everyone is on the same page, especially the addicted!

Now I have my grandchild that is in my care and has turned my life in a direction I could never imagine coming my way.  With blessings and heartaches rolled up in one.

I want to be real to you who read my posts, and I invite you to share any wisdom,  experiences, and challenges you may have.

I’ve seen it all, I have been there and done that so I don’t hold back much!